As if selecting a Halloween costume wasn’t daunting enough, narrowing down what ale to pick up for your October 31st party can be a haunting experience, too. To help you make a choice before the moon becomes full, we’ve highlighted a handful of our favorite spooky brews. Here are some beverages from across the country to fill up your cauldron with at the monster mash.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale (Newport, OR) - This brew’s conception dates back to the early 1990’s, as a way to celebrate the Mayan Day of the Dead. The World Beer Championship Judges have described the German Maibock as “a delicious hybrid style with bock-like maltiness but ale-like hopping.”

Style: German Maibock

Availability: Year-Round

ABV: 6.5%

Featured Beer Advocate Review: “Labeling is done extremely well for this beer. The simplicity and well colored logo set it apart from other brew. Has a smooth taste with a good kick.” - Walkersam1867

Pipeworks Blood of the Unicorn

Pipeworks’ Blood of the Unicorn (Chicago, IL) - Known for its robust kick, this red ale is loaded with fruity and piney American hops. Hopefully, you’ll have an easier time finding it compared to years past, as Pipeworks scaled up in facility size last June.

Style: American Amber / Red Ale

Availability: Year-Round

ABV: 8.5%

Featured Beer Advocate Review: “Copper with a large off white head that settles to a calm rocky froth and retains that state for some time. Scent of caramel, pine, sugar and grass. Flavors of earth, citrus, pine, some caramel and resin. Finishes dry and bitter with more resin.“ - paco1029384756

3 Floyds Blackheart

3 Floyds’ Blackheart (Munster, Indiana) - This ale was brewed in the same fashion that English IPAs used to be in order for their hops to last throughout the long voyage from England to the country’s colonial troops in India. To ensure you get the full 19th century taste, English malts, English hops along with English yeast are also utilized.

Style: English India Pale Ale

Availability: Spring

ABV: 8.5%

Featured Beer Advocate Review: “A very nice amber color with subtle hop presence and malty aroma. Taste is well balanced with a smooth malty backbone, Overall a really well done IPA. Really enjoyed this.” - Stevem68

New Glarus Pumpkin Pie Lust

New Glarus’ Pumpkin Pie Lust (New Glarus, Wisconsin) - The brewmaster at this popular Wisconsin brewery is a huge fan of pumpkin pie. So it was no surprise when New Glarus, which also distributes Spotted Cow across America’s Dairyland, added this dessert-flavored concoction to its rotation in 2014.

Style: Pumpkin Weisse

Availability: Fall

ABV: 5.5%

Featured Beer Advocate Review: “Overall probably the best pumpkin beer I’ve had to date. Not overbearing with a nice level of spice and sweetness. The weizen yeast adds a nice edge to the brew, very drinkable.” - SINKTIPS_N_SUDS

Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher

Clown Shoes’ Undead Party Crasher (Ipswich, MA) - After receiving legal threats from a California-based company for its usage of the name “Vampire Slayer,” Clown Shoes altered this brew’s title to Undead Party Crasher. The American Double’s current label pokes fun at the instance, and details how the beer originated to celebrate the brewery’s second anniversary.

Style: American Imperial Stout

Availability: Year-Round

ABV: 10%

Featured Beer Advocate Review: “For a big 10%, this one was easy to drink with hints of smoke and licorice. Very well balanced without alcohol burn. I have more respect for this brewery with every beer I try.” - qchic

Which beer did you choose to sink down your caramel apples and candy corn? Did we miss a few? DropCatch hopes you have a graveyard smash this Halloween, and receive more treats than tricks!
October 26, 2015

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