Magnetic Openers (h2)

We offer three unique bottle openers for you to choose from based upon your drinking style. Our bar blades give you the option to pop open beer tops with a steel core and walnut grips out of your back pocket.

While the Pilsner Bottle Opener and Porter Bottle Opener allow you to customize your drinking setup even further - a Standard for the casual drinker (holds up to 50 bottle caps) and an Ultra for real aficionados (holds up to 70 bottle caps).

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Bottle Carriers (h2)

Carry your beers in style with the Traditional Carrier - a California Redwood designed 6-pack holder that you can engrave anything you’d like on it. This All-American product is perfect for the on-the-go beer enthusiast!

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Bar Blades

The DropCatch Bar Blade isn’t just your regular metal bottle cap opener - this maplewood piece allows you to uncap drinks with comfort and ease! Each Speed Opener has a steel core between its two maplewood pieces, giving you one of the classiest and finest made bottle cap openers on the market today. You’re also able to engrave your own, a friend or loved one’s name on the walnut wood!

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